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EDG3 is a mixed berry-flavoured powder supplement, which provides the necessary precursor Amino Acids – glycine, cysteine and glutamine – which your body needs to produce Glutathione (GSH) for optimum use.



A delicious natural food formula inspired by the Okinawa diet, Kenta is a peach flavoured powdered drink derived from fermented Japanese soy, rice and sweet potato. Prescribed by doctors and confirmed in studies, Kenta has a human growth hormone balancing effect resulting in improved strength, health and wellness. SEE MORE DETAILS


Qafe Green Coffee with Nutriose is an all-natural supplement formulated to help you burn fat and lose extra weight while you are on a break from exercise. Tested in a number of clinical trials, it has been proven to reduce the body's ability to store fat cells and increase its ability to burn fat. Qafe Green Coffee with NUTRIOSE® helps to increase your body's metabolism rate, taking effect from your first cup and continues to work while you are asleep.


LifeQode H2GO

H2GO is an instant energy driver and anti-fatigue tablet that converts water into H2 rich water. Molecular hydrogen, being the smallest element and lightest molecule, dissolves instantly in water without changing the texture of the water and produces an instant energising impact. It gives plain water a lemon lime flavour, making it way more palatable than other existing flavourless H2 tablets in the market. H2GO is able to generate 2.0 ppm of H2 i.e. one of the highest concentration of ingestible H2 available.