Utena Proqualite Hair Straightening Set

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Utena Proqualite is a hair care series from Japanese that includes a straightening coating formula that minimises tangling waviness and excessive volume.

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Utena Proqualite hair straightening set contains 2 x Proqualite straightening shampoo, 2 x Proqualite straightening conditioner and Proqualite straightening hair mask.

1. Proqualite Straightening Shampoo
Straightening shampoo contains peptides that can remove all the impurities on your hair with its fine foam. It reduces excess volume and retains its elasticity while protecting the hair, leaving your hair smooth and silky.
2. Proqualite Straightening Conditioner
Straightening conditioner peptides and other moisture ingredients that coats each hair to the tip to leave it glossier. It can also protect your hair and reduce the volume of puffed-up hair, while retaining its elasticity.
3. Proqualite Straightening Hair mask
Straightening hair mask provides intensive care to your hair and scalp that penetrates right to the core of each
strand. It also protects your hair and retains your hair elasticity.